For Professionals


For Professionals

31 March – Final Transition Briefing

Dear Colleagues,

As you will know, Coordinate My Care (CMC) is being replaced in London by the new Urgent Care Plan. The CMC service functions and provision of the care planning service will transfer from the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust to South West London CCG on the 1st April 2022. The current digital care planning application will remain in use until all developments are complete and London is ready to cut over to the new, improved Urgent Care Plan, hosted by South West London CCG.

The below information sets out the service provision from 1st April 2022.

Helpdesk – note new details

The CMC Helpdesk will transfer to the UCP Helpdesk from 1st April. Please make note of the new contact details for the UCP Helpdesk:

Phone: 020 3880 0285


The opening hours are Monday – Friday, 09:00-17:00 for all enquiries. Password resets and support for urgent queries are available 24 hours a day, by calling the same number above which will redirect users to the out of hours helpdesk.

Mailing list

Existing subscriptions to the CMC Newsletter will not be automatically transferred to the UCP mailing list. If you would like to subscribe to news and updates from the Urgent Care Plan Programme, please sign up via the ‘Join our mailing list’ sections on the UCP Website.

User Access Requests and Governance

Existing arrangements remain in place, whereby new users can register via the Training & Access page and report issues or incidents via a form on the Clinical Governance page on the UCP Website.


The MyCMC portal will no longer be available for patients from 1st April 2022. Patients are able to request a copy of their care plan by speaking to their healthcare professional.

The next development for the Urgent Care Plan is to enable patients to view and update their care plan. Patients who are interested in being involved in the design, can contact the UCP Programme team by using the contact form on the Contact Us page.


System and clinical training webinars will continue to be provided by the UCP Programme team. Users are able to view upcoming system training webinars via the Training & Access page on the UCP website. Clinical training webinars for Difficult Conversations and DNACPR are available on request by contacting the UCP Training team:

System Access

The existing care planning application, log-in credentials and in-context links will remain active. The care planning system will look and operate exactly the same as the CMC system operates, however the CMC branding and MyCMC functionality will be removed from the platform.

This means that the care plan template will be identical, and the existing functionalities will remain in place. Users currently creating and viewing care plans can therefore continue to do so. Organisations that currently receive a data feed to enable manual flagging of care plans will continue to receive this data. There will therefore be no gap in the provision of a care planning service until the new Urgent Care Plan is ready to go live.

Thank you

Shared on behalf of the Royal Marsden:

“The Royal Marsden and the Coordinate My Care team we would like to thank all of you who have contributed so much of your time to the development of CMC’s infrastructure and the creation and viewing of CMC plans. Throughout the difficult period of the pandemic, CMC continued to ensure that only 21% of patients with a CMC plan died in hospital (compared to the national average of 43%) and 78% of patients died in their preferred place. This is a remarkable achievement.

The CMC service leaves London on Thursday. The service is moving to SCWCSU and will continue to work on developing and running urgent care planning services beyond London. We would like to wish the new Urgent Care Plan Programme all the best and may it continue to deliver a high quality urgent care service to the patients of London.”

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