Urgent Care Plan for London

The Urgent Care Plan is an NHS service that enables every Londoner to have their care and support wishes digitally shared with healthcare professionals across the capital.
A care plan is created following a conversation between a healthcare professional (such as a doctor or nurse) and the person in their care. Throughout the conversation, the healthcare professional will listen, understand and make notes on:

  • What is important to the person in their day-to-day life
  • Their preferences or wishes about their care
  • What support they need and who is best placed to provide this
  • Information about others who may be involved in that person’s care, such as relatives

The care plan is then created following this conversation using the Urgent Care Plan. As soon as information is saved on the plan, it is visible to all health and care services who use it. This includes the London Ambulance Service, 111 and Out of Hours GP services who may see the person in an emergency.

Click here for more information about personalised care and support planning from the NHS website.

Click here for publications and resources for care planning in palliative and end of life care, provided by NHS England.

The technology

Interim arrangements from 1st April 2022

The current care planning technology is the same as the technology previously provided by the Coordinate My Care
service, previously hosted by the Royal Marsden. The care planning service transferred to the Urgent Care Plan Programme, hosted by South West London CCG on the 1
st April 2022. The care planning application has in-context access and flagging to the care plans via some electronic patient records and the London Care Record. The application requires a user log-in and password to be configured, and the information in the plans have read/write role based access. Users are able to access care plans using the same log-in credentials as previously used to access the CMC system. In-context links and flagging also remain active.

Urgent Care Plan – coming soon

On behalf of London CCGs, South West London CCG has
procured the Urgent Care Plan to improve access to care plans, by removing the need for separate log-in credentials, via the London Care Record and the majority of EPRs used across London. The earliest date that the Urgent Care Plan will go live is 1st July 2022.
 Once available, this technology will enable information to be shared in real-time across various health care settings across the region. The solution will establish technical capability to provide interoperability with the existing health and care IT systems. It will utilise an open health data platform and low code tools, which provides the ability to rapidly build dynamic care planning applications. The platform is based on a central and open persistent data store and on openEHR, which enables the system to be “interoperable”, federated, and enable systems and users to interact with citizen data. The Urgent Care Plan will reduce duplication of data, improve accessibility and enable London to created shared care plans for a variety of clinical pathways, including, but not limited to, end of life care.

Urgent Care Plan Programme

The Urgent Care Plan Programme leads the implementation of the Urgent Care Plan across the five Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in London.

The programme is split into 4 workstreams:

  • IT Implementation (delivered in partnership with OneLondon and Better)
  • Clinical Design & Engagement
  • Information Governance
  • Clinical Governance

This programme is hosted by NHS South West London CCG on behalf of London CCGs. The Urgent Care Plan is delivered in partnership with OneLondon, who lead the IT Implementation Project, and Better, who provide the digital care planning system.

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