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Video Tutorials

The below access videos show you how to access the Universal Care Plan via your patient record system or the London Care Record.

Valida Client

To register for UCP Access from the Valida Client, the step by step User Registration Guide – Smart Card User guide can be found in the Valida folder of our Resources page. 

If your access to the UCP from the Valida client is temporarily unavailable, you can access the UCP from the London Care Record or our Web Portal. Please click here for more information on how to access from the London Care Record within EMIS and TPP SystmOne.

Note: Valida will need to be installed locally on each new user’s device. This will need to be done by a user with IT Administrator rights within your organisation. This is usually your Local IT Support desk team. 

Universal Care Plan Web Portal access

Who the UCP Web Portal is for

Users of the following EPR (patient record) systems do not require access to the UCP Web Portal and should view the above videos to access the UCP through their existing EPR system:

  • London Care Record (Cerner HIE)
  • EMIS
  • TPP SystmOne
  • Adastra
  • Cleric
How to get a UCP Web Portal account or add an organisation to your account
  • If you are a new user click here to request a UCP Web Portal account. If your access request is urgent, after you have submitted your Access request form, please request an urgent account via our Contact Us form.
  • To register multiple users, please download and complete this spreadsheet. Please submit this spreadsheet to
  • If you would like to add a new organisation to your existing account, please complete this form.
Alternative UCP Web Portal link for users without HSCN Access 

If the main UCP Web Portal Login link does not work for you, you may not be connected to the Health and Social Care Network connection, this commonly occurs if you are working from home or away from your organisation or if there is an issue with the HSCN network connection.

If you are accessing via a non-Heath and Social Care Network (HSCN) connection, please use this alternative link to log-in via the UCP Web Portal

This link will require you to enter a 2 factor authentication code for extra security.

Care Homes

Check out our Care Home UCP Access guide here.

Your responsibility when using the UCP

Your permissions for viewing, creating or editing care plans (role-based access) will be determined by your role entered on the above forms. By entering and submitting your details on the above forms, you acknowledge that you accept the privacy policy and consent for your data to be processed in accordance with it.

By completing and submitting the above forms, you are self-verifying that you are competent to have sensitive conversations with patients and are competent to use the care planning system. This could be achieved through organisational training, your education and experience, or through training offered by the Universal Care Plan Programme.

Your organisation is accountable for your use of the system.

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