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April Newsletter 

The Urgent Care Plan will enable every Londoner to have their care and support wishes digitally shared with healthcare professionals across the capital.

What we are working on 

Service provision from 1st April 2022 

As of 1st April 2022, the provision of a care planning service for London successfully transferred from the Coordinate My Care service to the Urgent Care Plan Programme, hosted by NHS South West London CCG.  

All functionalities previously provided by CMC have successfully transferred to the UCP: 

  • In-context links, care plan flagging, and log-in credentials remain in place. 
  • The UCP helpdesk provides the same support as the CMC helpdesk including password resets, technical queries and user account set up. 
  • New users can register for access via the Training & Access page on the UCP website.
  • The UCP Clinical Project Managers provide system training for the current care planning system.

Until the new Urgent Care Plan goes live, there is no gap in the provision of a care planning service. Please visit the UCP website on for further information. 

Clinical design of the Urgent Care Plan 

The final version of the UCP template has been reviewed and agreed by the UCP Clinical Project Board. This follows extensive design and engagement with various clinical user groups across London to agree the following: 

  • Data fields within the template, wording, and identifying mandatory fields. 
  • Information that should flow to and from GP Electronic Patient Record systems to reduce duplication. 
  • Processes, such as starting new care plans and withdrawing care plans. 
  • Alignment with national standards. ​ 
  • Permissions and controls for each user based on their role (Role Based Access Control).  

Implementing the Urgent Care Plan 

The UCP Team are working with IT teams across health and care organisations to integrate the new Urgent Care Plan with existing electronic patient record (EPR) systems across London. Integration plans are progressing well.  

The implementation process depends on the EPR system in use. For go-live, this includes access via EMIS, TPP SystmOne, Cleric, Adastra and the London Care Record (Cerner HIE). Users without access to one of these systems will be able to access care plans via the UCP Web Portal. 

Training for the Urgent Care Plan 

A group of over 40 health and care professionals across London have signed up to become UCP Champions. The UCP Champions are care professionals from a variety of care providers including primary care, acute and community care, hospices and care homes and are involved in co-designing and sharing training materials. A UCP Champions workshop on 7th April was held to identify, co-create and prioritise training materials. Training videos are now in production by the UCP Team, and these will be cascaded to users. The training materials will also be available on the UCP website ahead of go-live. Other materials in development include a ‘Getting Started’ toolkit, user guides and posters. UCP Champions will have the opportunity to preview the materials prior to their release, to provide feedback and refine content. We anticipate that these will be available at the start of June. 

It isn’t too late to sign up to become a UCP Champion! If you are interested in joining the network of UCP Champions, please email  

Next steps for the UCP Programme 

Testing integrations 

Testing will commence in May, to ensure that the users can access the UCP via their host EPR system (if applicable), the London Care Record or via the UCP Web Portal. This process will be completed in phases, and UCP Champions may be invited to participate in the testing process.  

User access and log-in credentials 

Approximately 98% of users will have access to the UCP via an existing system, meaning that separate log-in credentials will no longer be required. Users without access via their EPR system or the London Care Record will be able to access care plans via the UCP Web Portal. Log-in credentials for existing users will be generated for users, so existing users will not need to re-register ahead of go-live. The UCP team will be in touch with user credentials, if this applies to you. 

For more information on Implementation and Access, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the UCP website

Draft Care Plans 

Our technical team have now completed the data migration testing and will be preparing the next steps of data migration. As communicated previously, draft care plans will not be migrated to the UCP. Clinicians are therefore encouraged to publish draft care plans.   

For more information, please contact us on or use the Contact Us form on the UCP website.

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