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Bug fixes and improvements – September 2022

London Care Record
– Speed of access to the UCP via the London Care Record (Cerner HIE) for systems using Internet Explorer 11 has been addressed.
– Users of the LCR are now able to add name and organisation manually, as this information is not currently passed to the UCP.
– The red patient banner is removed in the LCR when a care plan has been withdrawn.
Flagging data for LAS
London Ambulance Service is receiving data needed to flag urgent care plans in their Computer Aided Dispatch system.
The issue has been resolved relating to downloading attachment from whilst the user is using a non-HSCN network.
UCP Web Portal
The process has been improved so that it is now clearer that a patient does not have a care plan when launching the UCP.
Users can search for patients by entering NHS numbers with or without spaces.
Template developments
Users can now select a main diagnosis when ‘Other’ category is selected.
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