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For Professionals

Expanding the Universal Care Plan

Later in 2024, the Universal Care Plan (UCP) will undergo a significant evolution. The care plan will be transformed into a personalised care and support plan, with patient preferences and wishes at the fore. 

Key Messages 

Users asked us for a flexible, digital care plan 

When the UCP was procured in 2021, we engaged with hundreds of users who were already involved in creating urgent and end-of-life care plans. Users informed us that they wanted a care plan that could be used in collaboration with patients who may have other health needs, such as long-term conditions, and may not necessarily be receiving end-of-life care or palliative care. After the UCP was developed as an urgent and end-of-life plan, we set out to understand which clinical groups wanted to use the UCP and how it would fit into their pathways. 

The UCP can still be used for Urgent and End of Life care planning 

Enabling existing patients and professionals to record and view important information relating to urgent and end of life care is of paramount importance. None of the existing data fields in the UCP will be removed, with the exception of Medications and Allergies which will pre-populate from the GP system*. Some of the existing data fields will be regrouped; however from our User Feedback Phase, we found that the users thought the new design was more intuitive to find what they were looking for. The Urgent Care Summary will remain in place and none of the data fields have been removed. 

System functionalities will be the same 

After the care plan template is redesigned, the UCP will look and feel exactly as it does now. The functionalities, including the patient banner, search function, summary view, printing and the contents menu will be the same. The most noticeable changes will be the renaming of some forms in the contents menu, additional forms and additional data fields. Some existing sections have been moved to other forms. 

New forms and data fields will provide a richer picture of the person receiving care 

The new template has been expanded to include ‘global information’ which relates to the person regardless of their health condition. This includes: 

  • What matters to them – Incorporates the PRSB’s ‘About Me’ standard; daily life and interests, likes and dislikes, goals, concerns and general wellbeing. 
  • Communication and accessibility requirements – how the person communicates, how to help them communicate e.g. technology or methods, information formats; supportive adjustments to help them access healthcare e.g. help with phobias, adaptations to appointments or their healthcare environment. 
  • Additional personal information – including gender identity and preferred pronouns, information about their school 
  • Living arrangements – additional information about their living situation to support discharge planning. 
  • Daily activities and support needs – Frailty score, activities where support is required: domestic, personal care, managing finances, managing medication, mobility needs, equipment; falls risk; driving, and keeping safe in the community. 
  • Symptom management plan – Allows the user to input tiers of management (crisis, day to day and prevention).  
  • Medical devices – Information about managing catheters, stomas, feeding equipment, respiratory devices, cardiac, intravenous access. 

The new care plan template can be viewed on our Training Environment  

You can access the prototype of the new care plan template via the Training Environment. Please complete this form to receive access. Our team will set up your account and you will receive a link to activate your account and create your password. Once complete, you can log in here

Launching later in 2024 

The date of the new template release has not yet been confirmed. At the earliest it will be December 2024. We will ensure users are given at least 2 months’ notice.  

Training and communication resources will be available 

To support the redesign of the care plan template we are undertaking a review of our training materials to ensure they are up to date. These will be available on our website ahead of the launch along with communication resources. We will keep you updated via multiple routes, including our newsletter.  

*Medications and Allergies data will be pulled from the GP record 

During our User Feedback Phase, users told us that they did not rely on the Medications and Allergies information in the UCP. This is because the section has to be manually updated by a user and become out of date as a patient’s medication changes. The majority of users informed us that they use another source of information with realtime data, such as the London Care Record or National Care Records Service. We are currently developing an integration with GP Connect, which display medications and allergies data directly from the GP record, meaning that it is always up to date. Until this is developed, users will be notified that they should consult another data source. 

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