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February Briefing: UCP Programme

Progress update from the UCP Programme

As you will be aware, the contract for the Coordinate My Care service will terminate on 31st March 2022. From the 1st April, the care planning service will transfer to South West London CCG, the host of the Urgent Care Plan and the branding on the system will change to reflect the end of RM/CMC involvement. However, the existing care planning application, logins and in-context links will remain active and supported by the existing helpdesk team. Users currently creating and viewing care plans can therefore continue to do so. Organisations that currently receive a data feed to enable manual flagging of care plans will continue to receive this data. There will therefore be no gap in the provision of a care planning service until the new Urgent Care Plan is ready to go live. 

The UCP project team is currently working with multiple vendors to achieve interoperability between the future Urgent Care Plan and Electronic Patient Record systems in use across London. This includes EMIS, TPP SystmOne, the London Care Record (provided by Cerner HIE), Adastra and Cleric ePCR. Our aim is for the majority of users to access the Urgent Care Plan with a single sign via their EPRs or the London Care Record. For the small number of users who are not able to sign-on the care plans via their EPRs, there will be a web-portal to access care plans. The earliest date that the Urgent Care Plan could go live is currently the 1st July 2022. This date is subject to adequate integration with electronic patient records (EPRs) and successful migration of information currently recorded on CMC to the UCP.

We would like to thank you for your patience and ongoing support for the Urgent Care Plan Programme.

Click here to access FAQs regarding the care planning service provision.

Priorities for this month

This month we have developed a plan for Training and Engagement. Initial user training will focus on:

  • How users can access the Urgent Care Plan 
  • How to view, create, and update the plan
  • Introduction to improved functionalities that the Urgent Care Plan will provide

This month, the UCP Programme will identify and prepare ‘UCP Champions’, who will then be invited to attend a series of workshops to develop, refine and test training materials in March. Workshops will be split into urgent care users and non-urgent care users. These workshops will also be used to develop and agree a training strategy for both user groups and explore opportunities to deliver training materials in a variety of ways including local Learning and Development (L&D) hubs. We anticipate that the initial training materials will be available from April.

If you would like to know more about becoming a UCP Champion or for further information on the UCP training and engagement plan, please contact:  

Clinical training will be co-created following clinical engagement workshops and will begin post go-live. Moving forward it is proposed that clinical training will be embedded into standard onboarding and training processes within L&D departments.

How to prepare for the Urgent Care Plan

In preparation of the transition, CMC users are required to action the below:

  • Continue to ensure that all draft CMC care plans are finalised and published (i.e. clinically approved).
  • Continue processing all outstanding myCMC patient requests. The myCMC patient portal will no longer be available from 1st April 2022.
  • Continue contacting patients who have a restricted record, to offer them the option for their record to be un-restricted. Restricted records will not be migrated to the Urgent Care Plan.

Click here to access further details and instructions on how to do this.

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