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For Professionals

Go-Live Details and Support

Key Points

  • From 18:00 on 26 July 2022: the CMC application will switch to read-only access.
  • Between 18:00 on 26 July 2022 and 09:00 on 27 July 2022: all CMC logins and in-context links will remain active. However, it will not be possible to create new CMC care plans or edit existing CMC care plans during this period.
  • Overnight 26 July 2022: The final stage of the care plan migration will occur. All published care plans in CMC will migrate to the new Urgent Care Plan.
  • At 09:00 on 27 July 22: The new Urgent Care Plan will be live and ready to use. After this point, the CMC application will no longer be accessible.

Go-live day

At 09:00 on 27 July 2022, the current CMC application will be turned off. The CMC in-context links present in host EPRs will no longer be functional. Minutes thereafter, all migrated CMC care plans will be visible as PDF documents in the London Care Record.

After that:

  • The UCP Web Portal will become active.
  • Users who have activated their UCP Web Portal credentials will be able to log-in to the UCP via the UCP Web Portal to view, create or edit care plans.
  • EMIS and TPP SystmOne Users who have configured the Valida client and registered their smartcards will be able to access care plans via the Valida notification and be able to view, create or edit care plans.
  • 111 and OOH services will notice a special patient note in Adastra that alerts them that patients have an Urgent Care Plan. Users can access the UCP in-context and view Urgent Care Plans.
  • The London Ambulance Service will be able to access the UCP in-context of their ePCR for read-only access to care plans.
  • The in-context link to the UCP will appear in the London Care Record. This will be implemented sequentially over the course of the morning, starting with those systems that already had an in-context link to CMC.

Whilst this cutover period is planned to occur within minutes, there may be some variation in reaction times for activating the in-context link by host EPR engineers. The UCP and integrations have been tested extensively to prepare for go-live. However, please be sensitive that this is a pan-London deployment that relies on multiple engineers supporting many Electronic Patient Record systems and is reliant on national HSCN infrastructure.

We anticipate that most users will be able to access the UCP in-context and will not need web-portal log-in credentials. However, if for any reason the in-context integration is delayed at cutover, the UCP helpdesk will be able to issue short term UCP Web Portal log-in credentials on request.

UCP Support

Users that experience issues accessing the UCP on the 27July 2022 can dial into an all-day team Virtual Floor walkers meeting with breakout rooms dedicated to the most likely issues. Please join the session at any point during the day from the link on the website homepage.

Whilst we aim to support most issues, users may wish to log their call using the relevant form which will be received by the UCP Helpdesk:

To help us manage support request quickly, users are asked to familiarise themselves with existing resources on the UCP website:

  • Access information for HIE, EMIS, TPP SystmOne and UCP Web Portal users
  • Access videos for Adastra users have been provided to organisations directly. Please speak to your training teams.
  • Access videos for ePCR users are provided directly by London Ambulance Service. Please speak to your training teams.
  • Training information for all users can be accessed here.

Web Portal Users

Users who will be accessing the UCP by our Web Portal will receive an email from the 20 July 2022 or shortly after with instructions on how to activate their accounts. The email will be sent from Please keep an eye out for this communication and check your junk e-mail folder. Access to the Web Portal will be live from 27 July 2022. If users log in before this date, you will receive a message saying you do not have access permissions. Please ignore this message and check back on 27July after 09:00 when the UCP goes live.

Where to access support

Please contact your organisation’s IT team in the first instance who will be able to establish if you are experiencing a local connectivity or firewall issue. Your IT team will escalate your query to the UCP team if required.

For general queries regarding UCP support or information please use the UCP Contact Form.

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