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For Professionals

March Briefing: UCP Programme

Progress update from the UCP Programme

Interim period

Arrangements have been made to ensure that the current care planning functionality continues until the new Urgent Care plan goes live. There will be no gap in the provision of a care planning service, and users are encouraged to continue creating care plans for patients.

On the 1st of April 2022, the CMC Helpdesk will transfer to the UCP. The UCP Helpdesk contact number and e-mail addresses will be shared with users and added to the UCP website on 31st March 2022.

Unfortunately, activity reports will not be available during the interim period until the UCP goes live. This includes the following data reports:

  • Commissioner Extract Workbook
  • Standard Report
  • Emergency Department viewing
  • Ad-hoc data reports

Data reporting will resume from the go-live of the UCP.

Additionally, the patient facing myCMC service will no longer be available to London patients. This will not affect your ability to use the clinical system and users should continue to create care plans. Users will therefore see the following System Notice, on the clinical system:

“From the 1st April 2022, the patient facing myCMC service will no longer be available to London patients. Clinical users are therefore asked to approve outstanding myCMC patient requests, and NOT to enrol any more patients to myCMC. This will not affect your ability to use the clinical system and users should continue creating care plans.”

All other arrangements including system training and clinical training, access to the care planning system and in-context links will continue. Click here for more information and FAQs regarding the provision of a care planning service from 1st April 2022 until the UCP goes live.

Information Governance

The CMC off-boarding DPIA and transfer of responsibilities to SWL CCG has been drafted by SWL CCG and CMC. This has been approved by SWL CCG and being taken through local CCGs for sign-off. A short DPIA has been approved by SWL CCG to enable all existing CMC ISA’s to be valid. An on-boarding DPIA for the new data processor of the Urgent Care Plan is finalised and will require CCG sign-off and implementation of local IG arrangements. If locally required, purpose specific Information Sharing Agreements will need to be agreed. This work is being led by each CCG for organisations in their catchment area.

UCP design and build

The Clinical Design & Engagement Project Board approved the final specification of the care plan template for the UCP on 10th March. This follows extensive consultation and workshops with a group of dedicated clinicians across London. The UCP programme would like to thank all those who were involved in this important process. The care plan template is being built into the UCP application, and the prototype will be tested by clinicians experienced in care planning. Once the prototype has been finalised, videos and other Training & Engagement materials will be produced to demonstrate what the care plan will look like.  

Training & Engagement

Over 30 colleagues from a variety of care organisations across London have expressed an interest in becoming UCP Champions. This includes urgent care services (LAS and 111), primary care, acute and community care, hospices, and services supporting care homes. The UCP Champions will be invited to join workshops to develop and refine training materials and support user training, once the UCP care plan is finalised.

Priorities for this month

The priorities for the UCP Programme for the next 4 weeks include:

  • Provide assurance that the current care planning functionality remains in place.
  • Communicate the transfer of the helpdesk to UCP after the 31st March.
  • Support CMC staff who will transfer to the UCP Programme.
  • Test the Urgent Care Plan prototype.
  • Continue to establish necessary integrations with EPR systems: Adastra, Cleric ePCR and London Care Record (Cerner HIE).
  • Finalise the requirements of the UCP web portal.
  • Pilot the roll-out of the Valida desktop client.
  • Arrange initial Training & Engagement workshops for Urgent Care users and Non-urgent care users.
  • Publishing the UCP website and developing further pages to include sections for Patients, Governance and Training.

How to prepare for the Urgent Care Plan

Take note of UCP Helpdesk details on 31st March

On 31st March 2022, CMC users will be notified of the new UCP Helpdesk contact details. The existing CMC Helpdesk telephone number and email address will no longer be in use, however an automatic message will provide you with new UCP Helpdesk details if you do not have them.

Draft CMC and myCMC plans and restricted records

Users should continue to review and approve draft CMC care plans, myCMC requests, and contact patients who have a restricted record to offer the option for their care plan to be un-restricted.

Draft CMC plans, myCMC requests and restricted records will not be migrated to the Urgent Care Plan. Click here for further details.

London Care Record

Organisations that do not have an in-context link between the London Care Record (Cerner HIE) and CMC will need to contact their Health Information Exchange (HIE) owner to request that a Change Control Notice is raised, to implement this in-context link. This enables users to view and edit care plans via the London Care Record. If this link is not in place, users of the London Care Record will only be able to view a PDF of the care plan.

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