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May Newsletter

The Urgent Care Plan will enable every Londoner to have their care and support wishes digitally shared with healthcare professionals across the capital. 

UCP update and preview from Nick Tigere, Head of the Urgent Care Plan Programme 

A short update video from Nick presents a preview of what the Urgent Care Plan looks and feels like, explaining the design process for the Urgent Care Plan and the key functionalities.

Key messages 

  • The earliest date that the Urgent Care Plan could go live remains July 2022. 
  • Training materials will be available from June 2022. 
  • Engagement roadshows will begin in June 2022. 
  • Installation and configuration of the Valida Client for EMIS and TPP users are planned to start from 8th June.  
  • Integration testing and user testing is progressing well. 
  • Clinicians should continue to publish draft care plans until further notice. 

Training and promotional materials for the Urgent Care Plan 

The UCP Programme are developing training videos, and these are currently being reviewed by our UCP Champions. These videos include: 

  • System training videos for clinical users, non-clinical users, and urgent care users. These videos demonstrate the main functions of the UCP, such as starting a new care plan, saving progress, submitting a care plan, and editing a care plan. 
  • Videos detailing individual sections of the care plan. 
  • Short videos on how to access the UCP via different EPR systems, the London Care Record, and the UCP Web Portal.  

A training site will be available to the UCP team, local training teams, and UCP Champions who deliver training. 

The UCP website will have promotional materials for patients and clinicians; “Getting Started” toolkits for different user groups; user guides and a mandatory fields guide. These will be cascaded 2-4 weeks prior to go-live. 

UCP Engagement Roadshows 

Beginning on 7th June, the UCP team will be hosting UCP Roadshows twice a week. The is an open invitation and all stakeholders are welcome to drop in and ask questions about the Urgent Care Plan. Roadshow dates and calendar invitations are advertised on the UCP website. Please share with colleagues who may be interested.

Follow us on Twitter 

The Urgent Care Plan Twitter account is up and running! Please follow us for updates:  

Meeting attendance 

The UCP Programme team welcome invitations to established London and ICS network meetings to provide updates and respond to questions about the programme. Please contact to arrange a meeting. 

Implementing and testing the Urgent Care Plan 

The UCP Team continue to work with 3rd party IT suppliers including Cleric, EMIS, TPP SystmOne, Adastra and Cerner HIE (provider of the London Care Record) to integrate the Urgent Care Plan. These integrations will enable users of these systems to access the Urgent Care Plan without needing to log-in separately. 3rd party IT supplier testing is progressing well. The first stage of UCP testing has been completed successfully, and is now moving into second stage in which our UCP Champions and clinical leads will be given access to the test system.  

UCP Toolkit 

Our Urgent Care Plan Programme Toolkit provides comprehensive information regarding: 

  • Programme background and milestones 
  • Integration with 3rd party suppliers 
  • Data migration strategy 
  • User testing of the UCP system and access 
  • Clinical design process 
  • Previews of the UCP system 
  • Clinical and information governance arrangements 
  • Communications, training and engagement materials 

The toolkit is available on our UCP Website, and is updated regularly. 

Preparing for UCP Go-live 

Go-live date 

IT integrations and user testing is on track to be completed in June. The go-live date is subject to successful integration testing. Our expected go-live date remains July 2022. We will give the system sufficient notice of the scheduled go-live date.   

User support arrangements 

The majority of UCP users will be accessing the UCP through their EPR system or London Care Record. This will reduce the number of password resets and account management requests provided by the UCP Helpdesk. The UCP helpdesk will continue to provide support to resolve usage issues.  

Telephone: 020 3880 0285  


Draft Care Plans 

Care plans that are in draft will not be migrated from the current system to the UCP. Clinicians are encouraged to continue publishing draft care plans until further notice. 

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