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For Professionals

System One Access

Users of the following Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems have access to care plans via their EPR system without the requirement for logging in twice or entering separate credentials*:

  • EMIS
  • EMIS Community
  • TPP (SystmOne)
  • London Care Record (provided by Cerner Health Information Exchange)
  • Advanced Adastra
  • Cleric ePCR

Users of EMIS and TPP will need to register their CIS (Care Identity Service) Smartcard prior to go-live. Please visit the Resources section for information about how to do this.

Users of other EPR systems can access the Universal Care Plan via the London Care Record (Cerner Health Information Exchange) or via the UCP Web Portal.

Valida is a piece of software that allows EMIS and TPP SystmOne users to access care plans via their EPR system.

If you are are unsure about how to configure EMIS or register user smartcards, please contact your local GP IT Facilitator

The UCP exchanges certain information with TPP SystmOne, using the Valida client.

The data exchange guide, explaining this process, is available here.

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