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UCP Programme – February Newsletter

Launch of the Universal Care Plan

From January 2023, the UCP will be described as the ‘London Universal Care Plan’. The journey has now started to use the UCP’s technology to support pathways beyond urgent and End of Life care.

The official launch of the Universal Care Plan took place on 30 January 2023 at The King’s Fund. The event enjoyed great attendance with clinicians, healthcare professionals and members of the wider programme team sharing ideas and experience.

Murrae Tolson, Programme Director, thanked all those involved in the successful roll out of the UCP, contributing to its design, build and delivery. Dr Chris Streather, Medical Director for London, outlined the vision for London and the benefits and importance of personalised care planning.

What’s in a name?

Earlier in the month, clinical groups across London came together to explore how the UCP technology could be used to create care plans for people with asthma, dementia, frailty, children and young people, learning disabilities and others. As such, our stakeholders agreed that ‘Universal’ was a more fitting description than ‘Urgent’.

The system used to create, view and update care plans will look the same, but be called the ‘London Universal Care Plan’. Whilst the urgent care plan sections will remain unchanged, the overall structure of London’s digital personalised care plan will evolve. This will include any new care plan sections that are created to support specific personalised needs. Our programme name has changed to the ‘Universal Care Plan Programme’. We have intentionally kept our ‘UCP’ acronym, as this is our stakeholders know us as. We are excited for the new opportunities to ensure that “what matters to me” is just as important as “what’s the matter with me.” 

Valida Improvements

We have made significant progress in addressing the performance of the Valida desktop client, which is used by EMIS and TPP SystmOne users. Of the 12 identified issues, 11 are now resolved with one remaining issue affecting Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust; however a fix has been identified and is being tested.

In our latest release, a fix was implemented which has removed the EMIS Device Activation step, which will ensure users are not locked out. IT Leads are receiving support to implement the fix locally. A reduction in calls to our Helpdesk and increase in creation of care plans via Valida has shown improved stability with the service, however we continue to encourage users to log issues to our Helpdesk on 020 3880 0285.

UCP Business Intelligence dashboard is now live

We are adopting an open access approach, which means that all approved users will be able to access the UCP Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard.

In the first three months, access to the BI dashboard will be restricted to the UCP Programme team and UCP ICS leads, who will be able to produce data reports at an ICB level.

The UCP Programme team will publish a monthly standard report. Users who wish to subscribe to the data reports may do so on the UCP website under the ‘Sign up for our newsletter’ box and selecting ‘UCP Data Reporting’. After the first three months, stakeholders will be able to request access to the dashboard via the UCP website.

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