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For Professionals

UCP Programme Update – 10th June

The Urgent Care Plan will enable every Londoner to have their care and support wishes digitally shared with healthcare professionals across the capital. 

Go-live date of the Urgent Care Plan

It’s been an incredibly busy week as the programme continues to test integrations, user testing and ensure necessary arrangements are in place in preparation to launch the Urgent Care Plan across London. Thank you to all the stakeholders who have participated in the testing and attended the UCP Roadshows.

We are on track to go live mid to end of July. A readiness assessment on 17th June will evaluate whether this is achievable. This assessment will evaluate:

  • Success of User Acceptance Testing for the UCP platform and integrations
  • Implementation of Information Governance arrangements for each ICS
  • The readiness of operational processes for user support.
  • Key steps for detailed cutover.

Watch this space for publication of the planned cutover date. As soon as the cutover date is confirmed, we will publish timelines such as when UCP Web Portal users will be provided with log-in credentials, advance notification of system down-time, and any changes to ‘Business As Usual’ processes.

Training and Promotional Materials

Training and promotional materials will be published once we have a confirmed go-live date. These materials include system training videos, access videos, user toolkits and guides, and patient leaflets; all of these materials will be available on our UCP Website.

The majority of training materials have been reviewed and approved by our UCP Champions and key stakeholders. Broader communications will continue to be shared via our newsletter, UCP Roadshows, communications teams, UCP Champions, notifications on the current care planning system, on our website and on our Twitter page. Targeted communications for different user groups (including publication of training materials) will be produced and shared directly with users where possible, supported by Communication teams, UCP Champions and various networks across London to cascade to local groups.

Preparing users for go-live

Ahead of go-live, users of the UCP are invited to attend one of our UCP Roadshows which are advertised on our website homepage.

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