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For Professionals

UCP support helpline for Valida Issues 

We are aware of multiple issues affecting our end users’ access to the UCP from the Valida client, and as a priority, we are working with our colleagues at Better to improve the accessibility to the UCP via this route. We appreciate that access to the platform needs to be stable, and available consistently and we acknowledge that at present, this is not being provided from the Valida client in-context link. 

UCP current known issues

  1. User sees a blank screen after launching the UCP from Valida. 
  1. User sees a PDS error message after launching the UCP from Valida. 
  1. User sees very slow performance of the Valida client, the client freezes or crashes midway through completing a care plan. 
  1. The Activate Partner product step is locked, and the practice cannot access the UCP from Valida unless this is unlocked. 
  1. The pop-up notification that a care plan exists is not displaying and/or clicking this notification does not launch the UCP. 

Helpline details

To increase the support available to our users, we have now launched a dedicated support telephone option for Valida related issues. IT helpdesks or users can call our UCP support team on 020 3880 0285 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.  

Please remember to first troubleshoot any issues to do with the performance of the application with your IT Support Teams, so they can rule out any local issues. The contact us form will continue to be available on our website. 

When calling the support line, it will be helpful to provide the following information (if applicable), as this will speed up diagnosis and issue resolution: 

  1. The ODS code of your organisation. 
  1. Any error message(s) you are seeing – if you can provide the exact wording. 
  1. When the error first occurred. 
  1. If the issue affects multiple users within the organisation. 
  1. If the issue affects multiple care plans. 
  1. EMIS users: If you are calling about a configuration issue, to fix this with the help of our team, you will need Administrative Rights in EMIS. 

Alternative access

Users have two alternative UCP access routes available, whilst we work to resolve the Valida issues: 

  1. The London Care Record Health Information Exchange (this may be known as Cerner HIE) from within your EPR systems. 
  1. UCP Web Portal access. 

For more information, please visit our UCP Website Access Page

We would like to apologise for the frustration caused by the performance of the Valida client integration and want to reassure you that we are working with Better as the priority, to resolve the issues you are experiencing. 

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