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Universal Care Plan News – February 2024

Universal Care Plan Programme News

The Universal Care Plan enables every Londoner who needs one, to have a digital personalised care plan, because ‘what matters to me’ is as important as ‘what’s the matter with me’.


January marked one year since the UCP’s official launch – how time has flown! 

As we move into the last quarter of 2023/24, the team looks forward to continue supporting health and care professionals in the delivery of digital personalised care planning across London in the new year 2024/25. To help shape our plans for 2024/25, we have been meeting with our ICB clinical and transformation leads, to better understand what UCP needs to prioritise in order to better support local transformation. Outputs of the engagement sessions have been summarised and will be agreed at our UCP and OL Boards. We look forward to sharing our work plan with you, in the coming weeks.


NHS App integration 

First and foremost, we are thrilled to announce that the UCP went live on the NHS App on 23 January 2023.

All patients with a UCP are now able to view their care plan via the NHS App, which will help increase visibility and transparency between clinicians, patients and carers.

For the first six months, patients will not be able to see sections of the care plan relating to cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) recommendations. Diagnosis is only resurfaced through the NHS App if the clinician completing the UCP has explicitly ticked ‘yes’ to ‘Is the patient aware of their diagnosis’ and prognosis is always hidden. Patients will not be able to view the urgent care summary or alerts sections either.

In the lead up to the release, the UCP shared a communications resource pack, which includes an FAQ section, with all GP practices via the ICBs, secondary care providers and palliative care providers across London.

The wider roll out of the UCP on the NHS App follows a successful ‘soft launch’ in November across 20 GP practices in London.

Further down the line, in phase 2 of the integration, we anticipate patients will also be able to create and edit their care plan as part of a wider piece of work cantered around increasing patient involvement in care planning.

Template development – Sickle Cell 

The UCP team is working hard to ensure the smooth launch of the next iteration of the template, which is on track for this last quarter of the year.

The updated template will now include data fields aimed at Londoners affected by sickle cell, including guidance for sickle cell crisis management. We hope that this will reduce the need for patients to have to re-tell their story and make their experience with healthcare services more positive, whilst improving clinical outcomes.

Over the last couple of months the UCP team has been engaging with a variety of stakeholders, including the ICBs. As a result of these productive discussions has decided to extend the time frame of the new template roll out. It will now adopt a phased approach, with phase 1 including sickle-cell specific content.

Stay tuned for more info!

Technical developments

As well as extending the UCP to patients, our latest technical developments include an expansion of the UCP use case to the National Record Locator (NRL) service, improving the ‘look and feel’ for all users, and enhancing resilience.  Major changes include:

  • A new integration with NHS Digital’s NRL service, allowing the London Ambulance crews to access UCP care plans when they are in the NCRS.
  • An improved patient search for portal users.
  • Optimisation of the UCP screens and navigation, with a focus on improving the experience for users accessing UCPs on smaller screens or from an embedded browser, when launched from another clinical system.
  • A more resilient integration with the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS), which includes more helpful messaging to end users.

And there’s more – in the near future we will also be rolling out:

  • An integration with NHS Digital’s National Event Management service to automatically update the deceased status of patients.
  • Increased resilience for users accessing the UCP from their own clinical system when the NHS PDS is not available.

UCP Champions

A big shout out to our UCP champions who joined us for our first ‘champions workshop’ and have been sharing their valuable insights on how they use the UCP. If you would like to be part of our champions group, email us, we’d love to have you on board!

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