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Universal Care Plan News – October 2023

We are delighted to be featured as part of a national podcast hosted by Integrated Care Support Services called ‘Advance Care Planning: Doing it right’ alongside GP Dr Eva Kalmus and LAS paramedic, Jodie Grace. Click here to listen. 

UCP integration with NHS App The UCP will be available for patients to view via the NHS app across 20 pilot GP surgeries from mid-November. The integration will then be rolled out London-wide to all GP practices following the six-week pilot period. This will increase visibility of patients wishes and preferences and improve transparency between clinicians, patients and carers. It is best practice to create a UCP after having a personalised care discussion with patients and no-one should be surprised by what is documented in their plans. In preparation for Londoners to access their personalised care and support plans, please ensure clinical recommendations, patient wishes and preferences are accurate and current and that all parties involved are aware of what is written in the UCP. 

New UCP Template Update 

We have completed user testing of the new care plan template with stakeholders from each of the use case groups and the prototype for the new care plan is now complete. During the testing, users were positive about the additional content, particularly in relation to communication and accessibility support needs, and the opportunity for patients to share ‘what matters to me’. 

Work is now progressing with our IT provider, Better, on data modelling and template development. The new care plan template will be launched in early 2024. Once the updated UCP template is released you will still be able to use the UCP for your patients in the same way that you always have done, but the new template will allow you to add and / or view more detailed condition specific information. 

UCP Champions Network

As part of the programme’s ongoing commitment to engage and embed the UCP with existing users, we are looking to build our UCP Champions Network.

We’d like to shape a pathway of regular meetings for our Champions Network, which will include both ‘on the ground’ colleagues and those who will be able to help us implement the UCP at a strategic level.

If you would like to become a UCP Champion please email with your name and your job title. Please also share this with interested colleagues.

And finally… new improvements to the UCP form

The new look and feel of the existing UCP template will make it easier to navigate and is more user friendly, it’s now even optimised for small screens. 

In addition, UCP web portal users now have access to an improved patient search function. This means that exact patient matches can be found using the patient’s date of birth, alongside their name. 

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