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For Professionals

Urgent Care Plan Programme October Newsletter

UCP debut at HETT 

Murrae Tolson, UCP Programme Director, shared her experience of “Deploying an Urgent Care Planning Solution for Five Integrated Care Systems in the Capital” at the annual Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) show on 27th September 2022. Murrae was joined by Jack Williams, Client and Sales Director from our digital supplier Better, where they discussed how the UCP was designed, built and deployed in just 7 months. In her presentation, Murrae said “I cannot accentuate enough the power of partnership working across the clinical community, digital suppliers, and transformation leads.” The presentation provoked interest and engagement from digital and clinical colleagues in regions outside of London, and questions from the audience highlighted opportunities for the UCP as a digital system to expand beyond end of life care planning. 

In-context access for Practice Plus Group  

Following successful UCP integration on the 5October for NHS 111 provider ‘Practice Plus Group’ (PPG), users who work for PPG Urgent Care service, are now able to view care plans directly through their host electronic patient record system from 12 October 2022. This means that colleagues at PPG using Adastra are able to see patient information, preferences and advance decisions without needing to log-in separately to the Urgent Care Plan web portal. Users are advised to contact their local training team for information about how to use this functionality if they are unsure.  

Support helpline for Valida users 

We are aware of multiple issues affecting our end users’ access to the UCP from the Valida client, and as a priority, we are working with our colleagues at Better to improve the accessibility to the UCP via this route. We expect that access to the platform should be stable, and available consistently. We acknowledge that at present, this is not being provided from the Valida client in-context link, and we are extremely sorry for the impact this has had. As such, we will be expanding our helpdesk support by opening a telephone line dedicated to supporting Valida issues. End users and IT service desk colleagues can contact the Valida support line Monday – Friday, 09:00-17:00. Issues that are not related to Valida should be continued to be reported via our Contact Us form.  

Telephone: 020 3880 0285 

A full update is available here: UCP helpline for Valida users  

Enabling patients to share their care wishes and preferences  

We would like to hear from patients, carers and patient representatives from all ages, backgrounds and health and wellbeing needs, to understand how we can enable them to access their care plans. These suggestions will form the basis of a specification which will be used to design a patient interface with the Urgent Care Plan. We will be looking to host a workshop, meet with small groups or individuals, and/or provide a survey for patients who would like to share their requirements with us. If you are in contact with patient groups who would be interested in getting involved in this exciting new development please contact  

Please share this information with colleagues who may work with patient groups or representatives. 

What are your thoughts on the UCP? 

The UCP Programme and colleagues at Better are looking for feedback from the core users of the new Urgent Care Plan in order to assess the overall user satisfaction with the new solution. We would like to explore the improvements that users have experienced with the UCP, thoughts on usability and design, the biggest benefits and hindrances, and areas requiring more information. The feedback will be used by the UCP Programme and Better to improve any shortcomings with the UCP, understand the UCP benefits and areas of opportunity for our digital partner Better to expand. We are looking to conduct one-on-one interviews or group discussions with users, answering a series of questions which will be provided before the meeting. If you or your team are interested in getting involved, please email  

Data Reporting and Business Intelligence 

An aggregate data report for the UCP system activity will be distributed as soon as possible. We are currently waiting for ICS information governance teams to complete and approve a Business Intelligence Data Privacy Impact Assessment to share data items with South West London ICS as the host commissioner, who will build the data reporting structure. This is running behind schedule and we anticipate that the data reports will be available in November. 

If something isn’t right, please tell us! 

Please continue to report any issues or difficulties you may be experiencing when using the Urgent Care Plan via our UCP Contact Us form, or via telephone if the issue is related to Valida. We have a dedicated Helpdesk team on hand to help resolve any issues, and work closely with our digital supplier to escalate issues that we cannot resolve.  

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