We are aware that most users are experiencing issues accessing the Universal Care Plan (UCP).  Users have reported seeing “server error” or “can’t reach this page” messages.

Since yesterday morning, 8:32AM, BT Openreach has been experiencing infrastructure issues affecting the HSCN network. As a result, end users trying to access the UCP solution from the HSCN network are experiencing connectivity problems. BT continues to work on resolving the HSCN connectivity issue as fast as possible.

In the meantime, we advise all end users to access the UCP pdf via the London Care Record or connect using the public internet when accessing the UCP web portal.

Universal Care Plan
for London

Universal Care Plan
for London

Progress update

In December a digital development partner was contracted to build the Urgent Care Plan...

How to prepare for the UCP

In preparation for the transition, CMC system users will be notified of actions required...

Priorities for this month

Agreeing the training plan that will familiarise users with the functionalities that the...

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