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The Universal Care Plan (UCP) Programme is hosted by NHS South West London on behalf of London Integrated Care Boards (ICBs). The UCP Programme is delivered in partnership with OneLondon and Better who provide the digital care planning system.

The UCP Programme is co-designed by users across multiple disciplines throughout London. There are three groups which represent users, digital and clinical strategies from each London ICB:

  • UCP Programme Board: The UCP Programme Board is responsible for leading the implementation and adoption of the UCP and making strategic decisions.
  • Clinical Quality Reference Group (CQRG): The CQRG is responsible for supporting the safe and effective delivery of the UCP across London, managing clinical risks, and approving clinical changes to the UCP.
  • IT Project Board: The IT Project Board is responsible for leading the programme IT developments and ensuring alignment to London Digital strategies.

Each Integrated Care Board (ICB) in London has conducted and approved a Data Protection Impact Assessment to ensure that information about patients is shared appropriately by care professionals and across organisational boundaries (data controllers), and is safely stored and processed by Better (data processor). Each DPIA provides a list of organisations that may access the UCP. Additionally, organisations accessing the UCP must be DSPT Standards Met. If an organisation is not listed on the DPIA or not DSPT compliant, the organisation is required to achieve the required DSPT standard and the organisation ICB must explicitly agree to provide the organisation with access.

The Systems Privacy Notice for the care planning system can be viewed and downloaded here.

As the host of the UCP, NHS South West London is responsible for reviewing and recommending any changes to information sharing arrangements as required, and instructing local Information Governance leads. It is the responsibility of the individual ICBs to implement changes and updates to the DPIA locally.

The DPIA for each ICB is available on request.  

The UCP Programme, hosted by NHS South West London leads the clinical governance for the UCP on behalf of London ICBs. A Clinical Safety Case is available on request. A Clinical Hazard log is regularly reviewed and updated by the Clinical Quality Reference Group.

Clinical and information governance incidents should always be reported to your organisation via your organisation’s incident management procedures in the first instance. 

Where an incident is as a result of the UCP template, please immediately report the incident  using this form. This form is used to understand the key contributing factors to the incident and identify solutions, mitigations or support that the UCP Programme can provide to avoid similar future incidents. You should not include any patient identifiable information in this form.

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