For Professionals


For Professionals

Videos and materials showing you how to access the new Universal Care Plan will be published on this page before the new Universal Care Plan goes live. Please subscribe to our mailing list to get regular updates.

User access to the current care planning system

The information below relates to user access from the 1st April 2022 until the new Urgent Care Plan goes live.

If you are a new user click here to request access to the current system.

To register multiple usersplease download and complete this spreadsheet. Please return to

If you would like to add a new organisation to your existing accountclick here to request access to the current system.

If you are a new user from a care home, please download and complete this form. Your manager will be required to sign this. Please return to

Your responsibility 

Your permissions for viewing, creating or editing care plans (role-based access) will be determined by your role entered on the above forms. By entering and submitting your details on the above forms, you acknowledge that you accept the privacy policy and consent for your data to be processed in accordance with it.

By completing and submitting the above forms, you are self-verifying that you are competent to have sensitive conversations with patients and are competent to use the care planning system. This could be achieved through organisational training, your education and experience, or through training offered by the Urgent Care Plan Programme.

Your organisation is accountable for your use of the system.

User access to the Urgent Care Plan


When the new Urgent Care Plan goes live, users of the following electronic systems will be able to access the Urgent Care Plan without registering for a UCP account and will not have to enter log-in credentials:

  • EMIS
  • TPP SystmOne
  • Cleric
  • Adastra
  • London Care Record (Provided by Cerner HIE)
Log-in credentials or Smartcards that are used to access the above systems will automatically authenticate your access to create, view or edit care plans in the Urgent Care Plan.

Users who do not have access to the above systems will be able to access care plans through the UCP Web Portal. Users who are already using the existing system will be sent log-in credentials for the UCP ahead of the UCP go-live.

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